Menyatukan Antara Pantun dan Kata Kata Di Pertunjukan

Menyatukan Antara Pantun dan Kata Kata Di Pertunjukan – With great hesitation, kuberanikan greet. “Hi night ……. how are you? “You be quiet, silent, cold is not much to give up, you inky darkness of my heart, your dreams have been lost without the star, covered with a dark cloud as black as soot.

There is no answer that could remove the anxiety. I try to convey in the morning, was the same, the morning was not much to give   ope and enlightenment. Morning, you’re no longer beautiful, you’ve been missing floating windswept, wrapped in fog, thick as black as my heart harbored increasingly homesick.

Should be addressed to where a piece of paper ever written a letter Eagles, what a meaningless scribbles, or simply as an expression of melancholy and anxiety stab stabbed her, or it’s just a letter addressed to the anchor wind. Could the letter he had written it for the abysmally Dew trace.

During this time there was no communication though, either through telphon, letter or simply sms? All she never committed.Interwoven relationship never existed, had closed access to people during the time he expected.


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