Sedih Disaat Mendapatkan Pantun Yang Menasehati

Sedih Disaat Mendapatkan Pantun Yang Menasehati – Rumble in the heart of the Eagle still churned endlessly, like a wild horse out of control. Perasaannnya revenge mingled between love and hate, rolling like a ball of fire, poking his solar plexus to add inner pain that welled up. Why all so messed up, after his departure.

contrite eagle inside. What is the meaning of life if you do not have hope, what is the meaning of love when humiliated. Hearts are pleading, he still expect the presence of dew on the side. Although his heart was tired, often hurt by the girl who had so loved, Morning Dew, Morning Dew yes mulatto girl Javanese and Chinese.

which is currently somewhere. Dew! a wonderful story that we knit, now has been missing from my life, no longer shakes the heart. About love for you all had vanished from my memory, there was nothing left, cut off from the space already homesick. A piece of my love turns out to be buried in – in.

you may be excavated and rose again. All had vanished, destroyed, because of the dreams and hopes and promises that you let me have you stole back. Is that as fast as you forget all. Really you do not know how to keep the flavor. Should I complain to the darkness of the night, wailing, moaning and regretting fate? I can only hope may be more night to answer this anxiety.


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